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Gaston Legume is the hidden main antagonist of Beauty and the Beast. His inspiration is kind, sweet, helpful, friendly, sociopathic, charismatic, intelligent, ambitious, manipulative, abusive, cunning, observant, pragmatic, chivalrous, subtle, power-hungry, cruel, sadistic, selfish, murderous, calculating and ruthless.


  • Gaston is also similar to Prince Hans.
    • Both were the love interest of the protagonist, who was also a princess (Belle and Anna).
    • Both were also considered to be good people.
    • Both later betray the protagonist and leave them for dead (Gaston leaves Belle to be arrested with her father whilst Hans left Anna to freeze to death).
    • Both later get their comeuppance (Gaston falls to his death off the castle whilst Hans is sent back to his homeland to be punished by his brothers).